Developer of  'Helm's Deep Reborn'  for Left 4 Dead 2. 

Helm's Deep Reborn

Hello my name is Daniel, also known as SeriouS_Samurai. I've been developing a map for the Source Engine since 2008. Today the map is known as Helm's Deep Reborn and can be downloaded via the L4D2 Steam Workshop here:


Helm's Deep Reborn got featured by Valve and was added to Official Valve Servers. At one point PC Gamer featured my work in PC Gamer Digital Episode 3 and numerous articles have been written about the map.


If you like Helm's Deep Reborn for L4D2 and have some wealth to share then please consider making a donation. Donating is very simple, you need to have a credit card or a PayPal account. Simply click the yellow Donate button and fill in your information. If you borrowed your parents' credit card make sure you have permission from them.


Optional: As a donator you get exclusive access to the latest version of "The Lord of the Rings campaign" for L4D2, for more info:


All donations will be appreciated. Thank you for the support!


Above: Fan art by: Action-Crab

 "Its completely hand drawn. I colored it with wooden crayons and promarker permanent pens. Then I scanned it, did some color correction and with paint I put the helms deep text" - Action-Crab

Above: Fan art by: Ayetach

 "I painted it digitally on my ipad, used ProCreate for it and then photoshop for touchups" - Ayetach